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Sing Stark


Senior Sing

Senior Sing.

An energetic and supportive community of mature adults, focusing on the health and wellness benefits of group singing in partnership with Aultman Generations.

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Take a step toward healthy aging
and join Senior Sing!


With a growing population of older adults and escalating  health care costs, what if measurable  health benefits for seniors were as simple as belting out "Lean on Me" or "Memory" with friends every week? Senior Sing is an energetic ensemble presented by Sing Stark in partnership with Aultman Generations with rehearsals at Aultman campuses. This group requires no auditions or previous singing experience. 


Registration for the Fall 2024 Session is $20.


Come early and register at the door.


John Hayward

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 



Wednesdays 10 AM. Sept. 11th-Dec. 4th. Aultman North Canton, Health Education Building, Community Room. 6064 Whipple Ave. NW, North Canton OH

 Concert on Thursday, Dec. 5th, 2 PM, Bedford Lobby, Aultman Hospital

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Vox Audio.

16 trained adult voices selected through an extensive audition process, specializing in fresh and reimagined arrangements, expressed through the beauty and range of the human voice.


Sing Stark proudly presents Canton’s original

a cappella singing sensation, Vox Audio.


Inspired by musical groups like the Pentatonix and the Pitch Perfect movie franchise, Vox Audio is an auditioned unaccompanied performance ensemble of 16 singers. Vox Audio specializes in fresh and reimagined arrangements of favorite pop, theater, rock and jazz tunes; all expressed entirely through the beauty and range of the human voice. Vox Audio’s signature “instrument-less sound” spotlights lush harmonies, heart thumping beats and vocal delicacies.



Mickey McGroarty

Contact Email:

Contact Phone:



For the upcoming

2024-25 Season

Friday/July 12/6-8PM

Saturday/July 13/2-5PM

Friday/July 19/6-8PM

Sunday/July 21/4-6PM


Auditions include a prepared song of your choice and vocalizing. 

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Sing Stark Gospel.

A vibrant ensemble, uniting passionate voices and their love for gospel music. With a mission to inspire hope, faith, and praise, this exceptional choir aims to uplift hearts and spirits through their extraordinary vocal talents.

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Sing Stark Gospel: Spreading Hope, Faith, and Praise through Exceptional Voices 


Stark Gospel is a dynamic and diverse ensemble that brings together voices passionate about the power of music and united by their love for gospel music. With a shared mission to spread messages of hope, faith, and praise, this extraordinary choir aims to touch hearts and uplift spirits through its exceptional vocal talents.


For more information please contact: 330-455-1000


 Joseph Daniel Lewis, I

Contact Email:


Fall 2024

Sing Out

Sing Out Stark.

A chorus of LGBTQIA+ and allied singers, dedicated to celebrating diversity, inspiring equality, and building a community of acceptance.

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Sing Stark announces a new supportive singing community, Sing Out Stark.


Sing Out is a chorus of LGBTQIA+ and allied singers, dedicated to celebrating diversity, inspiring equity, and building a community of acceptance. Under the new direction of Ezra Keeton, Sing Out will resume gathering in early 2024. Sing Out is a non-auditioned choir for singers (18+). 

Gender Statement:

Gender, vocal range, and timbre are not intrinsically linked. your voice is part of who you are. Musical expression is best achieved when singers work within the most healthy and comfortable range of their voices. In Sing Out, sections will be referred to by voice part rather than by gender, ie; tenors and sopranos rather than men or women. We seek to offer everyone an open environment to express themselves to the fullest.


Ezra Keeton

Contact Email:

Contact Phone:




Thursdays, 6:30-7:45 PM

Cultural Center for the Arts
Cable Recital Hall
1001 Market Ave N, Canton, OH

Beginning February 22!


Sing Stark Chorale

Sing Stark Chorale.

A community of auditioned adult singers using their collective voice to  inspire, ignite crucial conversations and influence positive change.

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Experience Chorale!


This ensemble is a remarkable community of auditioned adult singers who come together to create a powerful musical experience with thought-provoking messages. Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays evenings in Canton, OH.


Edward Grimes 

Contact Email:


Rehearsals are  Tuesdays, 7 pm to 9 pm 

To schedule an audition please email

Commuity Sing

Community Sing.

Inclusive gatherings, strengthening our community through group singing.


Don't limit yourself to singing in the SHOWER! Join us at the Auricle!  

From spirituals to the Beatles, the voices of our neighborhoods gather together in song and community. 


P.J. Chavez

Contact Email:


2024-25 Season Events

Coming Soon!

No Auditions Required:

Everyone is welcome to sing with us! No rehearsals needed to join in the fun!

Each event is free and open to the public. All ages are invited.


So head on down to the Auricle Venue & Bar, grab a beverage and belt out a few tunes with Sing Stark!

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